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Ziyi Wang , Animation director, Designer, Artist, Educator

She graduated from Columbia University's Master's degree in Design And Development Of Digital Games. She has received several Columbia University scholarships. Before this, She graduated from the School Of Visual Arts with a Bachelor's degree in Animation.

She was an Animation Director and has produced short films including "Heartspace", "Tag", "Magic Pear" that have won awards and been selected by more than 40 film festivals worldwide. Include LIFULL Award from UFPFF, Best Animated Short Film from Global Film Festival Award and Award Winner in Animation Category in Big Syn International Film Festival, etc.  

She participated in many projects including animations, games, and software app projects both in USA and China. The project she participated in includes Baidu's international social networking app "Gravity", VR game "Inwards", the mobile game "Top Down Pixel", the PBS TV animation "Clifford The Big Red Dog", etc. 

She is a professional member of multiple international associations. She also has published multiple papers in ASIFA Magazine and Hill Publishing. 


Singing (Received the 10th grade certificate)

She was a finalist of The Voice of China Shenzhen, and was the champion of the top ten singers on campus

Flute (Received the 9th grade certificate)

Swimming (was involved in two years of training classes)

Like all kinds of sports

Love all kinds of small animals, especially cats

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她曾担任动画导演,制作的短片在全球 40 多个电影节上获奖和入选。包括 UFPFF 颁发的 LIFULL 奖、Global Film Festival Award 颁发的最佳动画短片奖、Big Syn International Film Festival 颁发的动画单元奖等。 

她参与了美国和中国的许多项目,包括动画、游戏和软件应用程序项目。她参与的项目包括百度国际社交网络应用 "Gravity"、VR 游戏 "Inwards"、手机游戏 "Top Down Pixel"、美国公共广播公司电视动画 "Clifford The Big Red Dog "等。

她是多个国际协会的专业会员。她还在 ASIFA Magazine 和 Hill Publishing 上发表过多篇论文。







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