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A short animation

未命名作品 (45).jpg

I used my finger to draw this animation on my phone. I mainly used the silhouette and black line to show this story. It is my experimental way to show this story.


​Long long ago, there was a big kingdom. An evil witch lived in a castle, she liked making reagent. One day, her test tube blew up and one globe of reagent dripped on a little pear. The pear became alive. It's the first time the pear saw this world, so it was pretty curious and jumped several times. Suddenly, the pear saw a big hole and quickly jumped to the hole. At the same time the witch was dealing with the burning fire. When the pear escaped from the castle, the witch saw it by accident. She drunk a whole flask of reagent and used her shadow to make a monster to catch the pear. When the pear was about to be caught, a stone smashed the monster's head. The little fairy saved the little pear and took it to a safe place.

Magic pear
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