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Animated short film


Heartspace stands for everyone's inner world. Everyone has a different house which stands for their different personalities. Iris is a positive girl in reality. She is also gentle and soft. Therefore she has a water-like house in heartspace. Rankin has a warm heart and a tenacious personality in real life. Therefore he has wood power and wooden house in heartspace. One day Iris got a mental shock in real life which led to a catastrophe that happened in heartspace. A huge stone crushed the whole heartspace. Which destroyed Iris's inner world. This stone stands for Iris mind Trauma. Rankin's used his inner love and power to save Iris and destroyed the huge stone. He saved the iris inner world. It is also a growing up for him. He was always shy and hiding. However he finally broke through his inner barrier and found his courage. Rankin healed Iris, however, Iris also healed Rankin in other ways. When Rankin was lonely and isolated, she always proactively approached him. She always provides him the warmest smile. Which brings his courage and happiness. They healed each other and finally had a combined house. Which means finally their hearts connected together.

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